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Buy Prps Jeans Online

Prps is widely thought of in the fashion industry as the company that brought luxury designer jeans from Japan to the United States market. The washed and salvaged look of the jeans are part of the reason they were so popular with celebrities in the fashion scene. The company is known to design and manufacture its products with the closest attention to detail, so you know you are getting clothing that will look great and last a long time.

buy prps jeans online

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I have a few PRPS and they are very typical Japanese jeans where the inseam are shorter ( acutally its shorter compared to other jeans but it fits a typical hong kongese or asian ), And their waist seems to run smaller although people say they run big ( Like 32 inch is same as 31 inch for other brands ). But you can get a size or few bigger becuz they have the waist buttons slap. And some of the older or new models acutally have 2 extra button slaps ( yes, there are supposedly one extra but they did make models with 2 extra so its not fake ).

Greetings from Greece, I am about to order a pair of prps from newton-store and I need your valuable experience. You see I am 6,3 feet high and I've got a 39,5 inches waist. Should I get the BASIC JEAN-DARK BURNER-W40 or should i look for a smaller size? What other jeans firms have the similar sizing with prps so that i could check it out , since prps in Greece are really hard to find. Thank you in advance.

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