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Autoplay Menu Designer Pro 4.4 Build 156 Download Pc UPDATED

Autoplay Menu Designer builds professional-looking autorun menus for CD-ROM, DVD, USB Flash drives. The user can create a project from scratch or use one of the many pre-built layouts, add graphics, buttons and interactive events to create an autorun menu with engaging look and simple navigation.

Autoplay Menu Designer Pro 4.4 build 156 download pc


The program allows one to create an unlimited number of pages for the menu and even embed several pages into one page. To begin, the user needs to select a layout and configure project settings, such as project folder, Disc Image folder, window style, size, position and background, enable splash screen and localization support, if necessary. The next step is to add content to the menu.You can add shapes, polylines, text, cooltext, pictures, hot areas, embed RTF text viewer, Flash video, web browsers and media player. Each object can be assigned various interactivity events, so that users can interact with the menu and navigate through the content.For example, you can set a button to change its caption and play a sound when the user rolls the mouse over it and run an application, open a document or URL link when the button is clicked.To ensure the menu works as desired, the user can preview the project and make further changes, if necessary. When the menu is ready, the Build Project wizard helps the user to package the project for deployment on a CD-ROM. The output includes the standalone AutorunMenu player, resource files and autorun.dat.The final step is to burn the output to disk using built-in burning tool or Windows CD burning feature.Briefly put, users can rely on this application to generate a wide range of autorun CD menus suitable for various purposes. As a software developer, for example, you can create a professional-looking software installation disk, tutorial or presentation and forward it to customers.Home users can create engaging photo galleries or DVD disks with video for their home collection or to be presented as a gift to a relative, friend, or colleague on different events.Here are some key features of "Autoplay Menu Designer":Professionally-looking layouts:- AutoPlay Menu Designer is ideal for beginners who need to build a nice menu for autorun CD menu, software installation disk, multimedia catalog, electronic journal, or marketing brochure but do not know how to start. Using the library of pre-built layouts and a simple point-and-click interface, you can create autorun CD almost hands down. Layouts are fully customizable - you can change window style, size, background and much more.Point-and-click simplicity:- AutoPlay Menu Designer is extremely easy to learn and use. It takes only a few minutes to familiarize oneself with the interface and design the first CD autorun menu. First you select the layout and customize CD menu properties as needed. Then drag and drop buttons, shapes, text, video onto the screens and assign interactive actions to the elements. When the menu is ready, click on the Build Project button. There's nothing easier than that!Interactive objects:- Our autorun cd software provides you with a large variety of objects to add to your cd autorun menu. You can add polylines, shapes, text, cooltext, pictures, hot areas, embed RTF text viewer, Flash video, web browsers and media player. Each object can be associated with an action that occurs when the user clicks on it, or rolls the mouse over. The rich library of objects lets you create an cd autorun menu with elaborate design and navigation.Object actions:- AutoPlay Menu Designer provides more than 20 actions that perform various tasks. For example, you can set a button to show an explanatory tooltip, change button caption, play a sound on rolling the mouse over, or run an application, open a folder, resize a window on a mouse click. Events provide total control over the behavior of the autoplay menu, letting you create the kind of CD menu navigation you need.Arrange objects on screens:- AutoPlay Menu Designer makes it easy to arrange and rearrange objects on the layout. Simply select the element and click the desired button to snap the object to top, bottom, right or left, center it horizontally or vertically, snap to the grid to produce a perfectly aligned menu for autorun CD. You can also group several objects to apply effects to all of them at once, or move over the screen together. To avoid changes to the layout, the objects can be locked.Apply effects and formatting:- Once the images are added to the CD menu project, you can enhance their color and tone using the built-in filters that control hue, saturation and lightness. You can also apply different visual effects. For example, you can add various types of shadow effects, blend the object with the background and customize its transparency.Multipage autoplay menu:- With our autorun cd software, you can create an unlimited number of screens for the autorun menu. There is also an opportunity to embed several screens into one screen. This lets you create rich-content autoplay CD, presentations, computer-based tutorials, demonstrations, and software installation disks.Customize windows:- The program lets you create custom windows of any size and shape. As the user launches the autoplay CD, it's possible to maximize, restore, resize the menu window as needed. Using actions, you can set objects to shrink, change the position on the screen to adjust to the new window size.Preview CD menu:- At any moment during the design, you can preview the results to see if the menu works the way you need and undo changes if the results are not what you want. The preview is quick and without delays.


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