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Untitled Goose Game

In the Woman's Garden is a goose statue with a bow, and your objective is to get that bow on you. First and foremost, you'll need to make sure the Woman is distracted; ringing the bell tends to have the Man and the Woman argue, so this gives you a bit of time to set up the task.

Untitled Goose Game

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Geese are dicks. I know that, and you know that. I don't think there's a single person who hasn't got a story to share about being terrorised by these feathered menaces, these long-necked shits. My own involves cycling home on the Hertford Union Canal and coming across a small blockade just outside Victoria Park as other cyclists were threatened by one very angry, very aggressive goose. Then, after a short while, it started to attack standers-by, swinging its beak at exposed shins and hissing, its grotesque spiky tongue flapping as it went. Eventually, someone just had enough and kicked the goose square in the neck, forcing it to saunter off. Good. Geese are dicks.

Untitled Goose Game knows that geese are dicks, and makes a virtue of it. Indeed, it makes an entire game out of it, because here you are the goose, terrorising a small village that gently unlocks as you progress through the short adventure. Be the arsehole. Live the dream. It's a concept so pure, so universal, that developer House House didn't even have to bother coming up with a name for its game. You know from the off what it involves. You know from its brilliantly unvarnished name that you want to play it.

And when you do, it's glorious. The first few minutes spent in Untitled Goose Game's company are side-splittingly hilarious - it's no wonder this thing became a small Twitter phenomenon when early gameplay videos first did the rounds - and House House deliver on all the promise the concept implies. The detail here is wonderful, most notably in the goose itself and the pat-pat-pat of its webbed feet, the swagger of its waddle, the bark of its honk. Look at the little jerk go!

The meticulous realisation of the goose is met by an equally detailed world, full of things to prod and poke and people to antagonise. There's a whimsy to this world, too, its flat-shaded textures and gently parochial nature of its town drawing to mind standards of any English 80s childhood such as Trumpton or Camberwick Green (which makes it all the more surprising that the devs themselves are Australian), and it's underlined by a gentle, effective piano soundtrack that perfectly meets your actions. The mischief you get up to also feels like it's been pulled from the 4.30pm slot on CBBC, as you're chased through someone's garden with their dirty washing trailing from your beak.

Making mischief is the game, and the underlying structure of Untitled Goose Game owes a lot to adventure classics of the 90s, bringing that same sort of twisted logic and puzzle solving to the small sandbox you're kicking around in. Each small area comes with its own set of objectives, some easily achieved - steal the groundkeeper's keys, for example - while others require a great deal more inventiveness. Need to make someone buy back an item they already own? Then maybe you'll have to scare the young boy playing with his toy aeroplane so he drops it, then steal it and sneak it onto the local market stall while no-one's watching. And after that, sit back and let chaos ensue.

It's a curious mix of styles, part-LucasArts adventure, part physics-based silliness and part Hitman, and while it works more often than not there are moments where fun gives way to frustration. Some of the puzzles are a little too abstruse, leading to a handful of bottlenecks along the way - though they're often just as easily solved by walking away and thinking through Untitled Goose Game's own particular logic. What, exactly, would a rascal goose do in this situation?

In that way, Untitled Goose Game fulfills its brief admirably. You are the baddest goose! What's more impressive is that it all hangs together so well, and provides something that's surprisingly rare in video games - pure, deep belly laughs.

You can now enjoy Untitled Goose Game with a friend, in a new two-player cooperative mode. Play through the whole game as two horrible geese, honking twice as much, teaming up to plan pranks, and generally ruining everyone's day, together.

They were, and are, obnoxious, belligerent birds (except barnacle geese, beautiful creatures about which I will not have a bad word said), and even now I still feel a small shudder in my soul whenever I catch sight of one. But those ungainly birds of years gone by have nothing on the goose from Untitled Goose Game. That hulking white menace is evil incarnate. And I absolutely love it.

It's a wonder the residents of Untitled Goose Game's quaint little village ever manage to get anything done when their shops, gardens and pubs are being repeatedly invaded by this terrible goose hell-bent on sneaking into their homes and businesses for the sole purpose of ruining their day. As a student, I learned early on never to come between a goose and their chicks (one nearly murdered my foot when I cycled a bit too close to them one spring), but for these poor souls, nowhere is safe. They must worry about everything.

I don't want to spoil the exact contents of said to-do list. That would rob you of the joy of discovering it all for yourself. But I will say this. While you can pick up, steal and whisk away almost every single object you come across in this game, their exasperated human caretakers aren't going to let you get away without a fight. They will chase you down and haul back your prize with surprising force if you get caught, and when they continue to push you away you know it's time to accept defeat. It's a bit like when Agent 47 gets his cover blown in Hitman, except instead of getting shot to pieces within moments, you're simply shown the rough end of a broom and told to bog off for a bit.

The best moments are those in which you're really engaging with the items and obstacles in front of you. A great example is the posh pair of gardens you encounter around the game's halfway mark. Here, you're manoeuvring items into place and running rings round the resident loungers with almost Solid Snake-like precision, creating brilliantly comedic set pieces that had me doing a few honking laughs of my own by the time I'd finished.

I also love it when you're able to turn the humans' diligent reset-the-scene routines to your own advantage. Again, I don't want to spoil the specifics, but there's nothing more glorious than watching the village's hapless citizens traipsing round after you like tired, beleaguered parents cleaning up all the toys you've thrown out of your goosey pram, only to have it all chucked back in their faces again.

Sometimes, though, all that's needed to distract your prey is a simple honk, which is decidedly less satisfying. Don't get me wrong. Blasting goosenoise in people's faces and doing so repeatedly as you make your getaway never gets old. It also takes on an especially playful quality when the equally chaotic and mischievous piano tinkling of Debussy's Preludes kick in to serve as the game's score, as well.

These extra objectives do throw a few more spanners in the works, often requiring you to combine or transport items between different locations to achieve your goals, but I do wish there was a little more mystery and intrigue to them instead of having them spelled out to the letter. When you really are just ticking off a checklist to whittle away at the hours, for example, it's a lot less fun than doing it when you're still trying new things and figuring out how everything works. In these instances, I feel House House could have paid closer attention to the Hitman school of goose-foolery, as the multitudinous outcomes of IO's various stealth-'em-up scenarios are all a lot vaguer, teasing you with puns or cryptic phrases that only hint at the delights to come.

Untitled Goose Game is a cross-platform game released in 2019 that quickly became quite popular, as it consists of the player controlling a goose to manipulate objects and complete a list of challenges. The game was widely acclaimed by the critics and won multiple awards, such as D.I.C.E. Game of the Year.

What is it? A goose simulator, casting you as one of the feathered fiends tearing through a human village.Expect to pay $20/16Developer House HousePublisher PanicReviewed on GeForce GTX 1650, AMD Ryzen 5 3550H, 8 GB RAMMultiplayer NoLink Official site (opens in new tab)

  • A free update for all owners of Untitled Goose Game

  • Play through the entire game with two players

  • New goose, new honk, still horrible

  • Single Joy-Con support for each player

Untitled Goose Game hit gamers by storm and taught the world how much fun being a goose could really be. With its simplistic but beautiful design, publisher House House created a game that resonated with its fans. These walkthroughs will help guide you through your mischievous tasks in the village.

The story of Untitled Goose Game is simple: you are a goose let loose on an unsuspecting English town full of villagers. Your job is to antagonize and terrorize these villagers with goose-like antics, all in pursuit of the ultimate prize - the Golden Bell. There are five major locations in the village that players must work through: The Garden, High Street, the Back Gardens, the Pub, and The Model Village.

Please note, these guides are not the only way to achieve your tasks. The game is about exploration and finding your own path. They are merely basic guidelines to help you along your way. This game isn't about running through all the tasks as fast as possible, it's about exploring the space and mastering the mischief that can be caused by being a goose.

Being a goose isn't easy, but with these walkthroughs, you will be mastering the art of destruction in no time. Who knew that simple design could create so much fun. Once finished, the whole village will be at your disposal. You can cause more mayhem or simply go back through and right all the wrongs you committed by entertaining the villagers with your cute flappy wings. The choices are endless and completely up to you. Untitled Goose Game is a diamond in the world of indie games and worthy of your time. 041b061a72


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