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Download Radio ZU Online Winamp and Access Thousands of Music Genres and Shows

jetaudio is one of the few music players that looks and behaves very similar to winamp. its mostly because both the products were launched in the 1990s and have maintained the classic look since then. while jetaudio has shelved its full-fledged app, the basic version has taken the center stage, and guess what, the features are packed to the brim. you can, of course, play both music and video files, but its features are not just limited to that. you can edit metadata of media files, rip and burn cds, convert media file formats, record audio, and a lot more. further, you can also integrate internet radio broadcasting services to the media player. but the best part about jetaudio basic is that it supports plugins and skins just like winamp. in fact, its compatible with most of the winamp plugins and you can use them interchangeably. how cool is that moving to sound enhancement tools, well jetaudio basic features a bbe algorithm that improves the sound output based on the music genre. there is also support for wider media file formats so that is great. considering all the points, i would say jetaudio basic is truly a winamp alternative and you cant afford to miss it. platform availability:windows, android, and ios

Download Radio Zu Online Winamp

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for a professional online radio site which has a wide range of music genres, you can use tunein. its an american radio and online streaming service that has a wide range of radio stations. it has a nice variety of genres such as jazz, rock, sports, news and many more. in addition to this, its a very popular site for djs to share their music online. you can create a profile to make it easier to search and discover new artists and listen to music from them. you can also make use of their podcasts and live broadcasts. tunein radio is available for free, but you need to download the app for mobile devices and desktop. now, theres a common misconception that itunes can only be used with an ios device. but thats not really true. even if you dont own an ios device, you can still use itunes as your default music player on windows. in addition to importing your own library of songs, you can also search of tracks and albums online on apple itunes store. were talking of apples rich library of songs which includes millions of songs. of course, theyre not available for free, but its still nice to have a library when you need it. and if you are afraid about the future of itunes since apple has deprecated it on macos catalina, our list of itunes alternatives is here to help you out. availability: windows 10, 8, 7, and vista. price:free download


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