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Second Language Research Methods Herbert W Seliger Pdf Download

Second Language Research Methods by Herbert W. Seliger and Elana Goldberg Shohamy: A Review

Second Language Research Methods is a comprehensive guide to research methods in second language and bilingualism. It was written by Herbert W. Seliger, a professor of linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania, and Elana Goldberg Shohamy, a professor of language education at Tel Aviv University. The book was published by Oxford University Press in 1989 and has been widely used as a textbook and reference for students, teachers, and researchers in the field of applied linguistics.

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The book is based on a set of four research parameters: research questions, research design, data collection, and data analysis. It discusses the development of research questions and hypotheses, naturalistic and experimental research, data collection methods and instruments, and validation of research instruments. Each chapter includes examples and activities to help readers apply the concepts and techniques to their own research projects.

The book covers a range of topics related to second language research, such as:

  • The nature and scope of second language research

  • The role of theory and models in second language research

  • The ethical issues and challenges in second language research

  • The types and sources of data in second language research

  • The methods and tools for collecting, coding, and analyzing data in second language research

  • The validity and reliability of research instruments in second language research

  • The interpretation and reporting of results in second language research

The book also introduces some of the classic studies and current trends in second language research, such as:

  • The interlanguage hypothesis and error analysis

  • The monitor model and input hypothesis

  • The interaction hypothesis and negotiation of meaning

  • The output hypothesis and feedback

  • The sociocultural theory and collaborative learning

  • The critical period hypothesis and age effects

  • The aptitude-treatment interaction and individual differences

  • The immersion programs and bilingual education

Second Language Research Methods is a valuable resource for anyone who is interested in conducting or evaluating research in second language and bilingualism. It provides a clear and thorough introduction to the main types of language learning research, as well as practical guidance on how to design, conduct, analyze, and report research studies. The book is written in an accessible and engaging style, with plenty of examples, activities, diagrams, tables, charts, graphs, and references. The book is available for purchase from various online platforms, such as [Amazon], [], [Kobo], [Apple devices], [Android], [OLF]. Alternatively, you can download a free PDF version of the book from the [Internet Archive].


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