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The Last Artful, Dodgr - IT

"Now we're gonna make our set satanic," YourYoungBody lead vocalist Emily Cripe said halfway through her band's Block Party set. The contrast between the hyped up tank-top party happening in the streets and the spacious, looming electronic beats happening down in Barboza were striking enough. Throwing Beelzebub in the mix only made it more apparent (admittedly, I missed Diplo's set so feel free to correct me if he shouted out the Dark Lord before playing "Express Yourself"). Cripe and producer Killian Brom may have embraced the darkness, but they haven't forsaken dance-worthy music. Fresh off of releasing their Devotion singles last week, YYB came through with an invigorating set. Cripe's commanding presence was palpable as she prowled across the stage. Her vocals are sounding better than ever, as are Crom's sinister rhythms.

The Last Artful, Dodgr - IT


I am writing to say you will have a man before you tomorrow Wednesday his name is Charles Busby butcher of 176 Cricklewood Lane he has had 5 exemptions at Hendon Tribunal and he was told he would have to join the army when he went up last Thursday week to try and get another exemption but he is telling everyone in his shop he will not have to go in the army and he says he bets that you gentlemen sitting at the Guild Hall tomorrow will give him 3 months again for he says he does not care for one of you he joined the VAD to keep him out of the army he made heaps of money in this shop he is a proper rotter of a man he wore the armlet and every man in Cricklewood Lane he would tell them to join the army there are 2 shops in Cricklewood have had to close as both men have had to go and I am 68 years old and have had 2 sons killed one in the Battle of Mons and one 6 weeks ago I have a son in the North Sea and my 2 sons both left family why should this man get exempted every time he told a friend of mine only this morning that he would like to bet him 5/- that he will get 3 months exemption when he gets to the Guild Hall Wednesday how many married men have had to shut up their shop and go why should he Busby brag to everyone that he will not go he is a rotten shirker. 041b061a72


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