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Doorking Dual Channel Loop Detector Manual

Loop Detectors are used in conjunction with vehicle detection loops to detect vehicular traffic traveling or stopping overhead in a roadway. These are commonly used to trigger traffic lights and you have undoubtedly traveled over thousands of them without even realizing it. In the automated gate industry we use these devices to trigger gates to open for access and egress and also to serve as safety devices that protect vehicles in the path of the gate. Loop detectors can be used for a variety of other purposes including counting vehicular traffic, arrival notifications, and turning on driveway lighting. Although it is common to install loops for safety they do not meet UL325 compliance because they only detect vehicular traffic and not pedestrians or animals. Loop detectors are available as direct plug-in for specific gate operator control boards, or use a universal 11-pin octal connector. The octal connector is available as a harness or a mountable socket. View More Loop Detector & Loop Overview. We carry models from Diablo Controls, DoorKing, EMX, FAAC, Reno AE, LiftMaster, Northstar Controls, Linear, Eagle, EDI, Miller Edge, All-O-Matic, Byan, Nice HySecurity, and Ramset. If you need help picking out the correct loop detector for you application please give us a call at (888) 818-4283.

Doorking Dual Channel Loop Detector Manual

The DSP-22-2 detector is designed to be a low power, direct replacement for the existing DoorKing Model 9409 & 9405 dual channel inductive loop vehicle detectors for the parking and access control industries. The DSP-22-2 loop detector plugs into the loop detector ports on the DoorKing operator control board.

The DSP-22-2 operates as two independent channels. The DSP-22-2 is a dual channel detector that uses advanced channel scanning technology to provide superior noise tolerance. The scanning technology allows for placement of loops closer together (when both loops are connected to the same detector) than ever possible with single channel detectors. 350c69d7ab


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