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FC 24:The left-back position is occupied by Balde,

In the world of FC 24, building a strong FC 24 Coins and competitive squad is essential for success. Content creators have been busy exploring various squad combinations, and in this video analysis, we will delve into a budget-friendly hybrid squad featuring players from La Liga and the Premier League. From the solid defensive line to the dynamic attacking options, let's explore the team and its potential in FC 24.

Goalkeeper and Defense:

Starting between the posts, we have Ariola, a French goalkeeper with decent stats. While not the most exceptional option, Ariola provides a solid foundation for the team. Moving to the central defense, we have Saliba from Arsenal, an 83-rated center-back known for his impressive pace and overall defensive attributes. Alongside him, we have Konate from Liverpool, another French center-back with an 81 rating. These two players offer a good balance of physicality and defensive skills.

The left-back position is occupied by Balde, an exciting prospect from Barcelona with an 81 rating. Balde's blistering pace makes him a threat going forward while also providing defensive stability. On the right, we have Dalot, an 80-rated right-back from Manchester United. Although not the most renowned player, Dalot offers a cost-effective solution for the team.

Midfield and Attack:

In the central midfield, we have the talented Kama Venga from Real Madrid. With an 82 rating, Venga brings a good balance of defensive and offensive attributes. He is a promising player to watch out for in FC 24. In the attacking midfield position, we have Sarr, who represents the Premier League and provides a strong link with Dalot. Sarr's pace and creativity make him a valuable asset in the team's build-up play.

Moving to the wings, we have Martinelli on the left, representing Arsenal. Although not directly linked to other players in the team, Martinelli's individual skillset and potential make him an exciting choice. On the right wing, we have Raphinha, a Brazilian winger from Barcelona, who offers an excellent combination of pace and technical ability.

Leading the attack is Anthony Martial from Manchester United cheap EAFC 24 Coins . Martial's French nationality and Premier League affiliation provide strong chemistry links within the team. With his pace and finishing skills, Martial has the potential to be a key goal-scoring threat.


The substitutes for this hybrid squad include Kovalenko, a versatile midfielder from Atletico Madrid, who can replace Sarr if needed. Mario Hermoso, a Spanish center-back from Atletico Madrid, provides a reliable defensive option, while Sanchez, a Spanish goalkeeper from the Premier League, serves as a backup to Ariola.

Additional substitutes include Lamar, Darwin Nunes, and McAllister, who bring depth and flexibility to the team.

The FC 24 starter hybrid squad featuring players from La Liga and the Premier League offers an affordable and competitive option for players starting their journey in the game. With a balanced defensive line, creative midfielders, and dynamic attacking options, this team has the potential to perform well in FC 24. While it may lack some star power, the squad's strength lies in its cost-effectiveness and chemistry. As you embark on your FC 24 adventure, consider this budget-friendly hybrid squad and customize it to suit your playstyle.


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