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Bullfrog (which Carmona carries at All Florida Pool & Spa Center) offers an enormous range of designs, jets, and other features, and it leans toward the higher end in terms of base options and upgrades. For example, you can choose among 18 interchangeable JetPak massage nozzle options to customize the spray type as you like.

buy hot tub

HotSpring (which, again, Prisco carries at Prisco Hot Tubs) stands out for its saltwater system (billed as FreshWater), which requires less balancing of disinfectant chemicals and produces lower overall chlorine levels.

Sundance (the other brand Carmona carries) offers a very wide range and touts its UV-C cleaning system, which also lowers the level of disinfectant chemicals that are required to keep your hot tub sanitary.

Hot tubs are one of the best ways to wind down after a long day. They have several health benefits, including stress relief, pain relief and improved sleep. Owning one is like having your own personal spa.

Hot tubs consist of an outer cabinet, which holds the shell in place. The shell is the inner piece of the hot tub that holds the water. Hot tubs also have pumps to circulate water in and out of the tub, jets to massage sore muscles and filters to keep the water clean.

Because hot tubs are big and tend to slosh water around, most hot tub owners place them outdoors on their deck or patio. They can be either above-ground or in-ground, with above-ground tubs being the less expensive option. Keep in mind that hot tubs need routine maintenance, so accessibility is important.

Hot tub shells made from acrylic are considered some of the most durable on the market. Manufacturers make them by heating a single sheet of acrylic until it starts to melt, and then placing it over a formed mold. Vacuums suck away air that gets trapped between the mold and the acrylic sheet to create a smooth, seamless finish.

Vinyl liners are common in hot tubs attached to in-ground swimming pools. Manufacturers make vinyl hot tub liners by placing the vinyl over a frame made from cement or another sturdy material to give the liner its shape.

The bigger the hot tub, the more it will cost. Hot tubs are sized in terms of occupancy. Models range from a standard two-person tub to a party-sized tub that fits 10 people. Consider the size of your family when deciding how big of a hot tub to get.

Custom hot tubs are more expensive than prefabricated versions, but customizing can make your hot tub fit your home and preferences perfectly. Custom above-ground and in-ground hot tubs are more difficult to install since they need to fit your space perfectly. Expect to pay between $1,000 and $2,000 for a custom hot tub install. In-ground custom hot tub installations can cost more than $2,000.

Maintaining your hot tub means checking water chemical levels, cleaning the filter and cleaning the inside of the tub. Check water chemical levels at least once a week, more if you use your tub every day. Clean the filter every two or three weeks and fully clean the inside of the hot tub every two months. Between interior cleanings, use a skimmer to remove dirt and debris that makes its way inside the tub.

You can increase the enjoyment you get out of your hot tub by customizing it. Not only can you customize the seating and layout of the tub, but you can also add accessories to make the soaking experience more fun.

Those factors will allow you to set a budget for your hot tub. You can then choose which material you would like it to be and consider adding accessories. Make sure to factor in monthly (or annual) maintenance costs, too. The right hot tub for you will incorporate all of the materials and accessories that meet your needs while falling within your budget.

status of the delivery and has kept in touch with me after the sale was complete to make sure any questions or needs were addressed. The staff that removed my old tub and delivered my new tub were neat and efficient. The owner of the shop answered my questions about electrical needs so that even a novice like myself could understand what was needed. The delivery and setup went off without a hitch.

I find that I recover quicker after my fitness walks, lifting weights or stretching, and I definitely sleep better. I use my spa 3-5 times per week and the water is always beautifully inviting and just the right temperature and feel. Thank you, Hot Tub Store for 6 years of Hot Tub Heaven and amazing customer support! Your loyal fan, Major Rene Marie (Retired)

The prices shown on this website reflect MSRP, but your local dealer offers different pricing, packages, and promotions based on bulk buys and often pass the savings on to you. Visit your Jacuzzi Hot Tubs dealer for the most current deals.

You need to have a proper foundation and meet any electrical requirements. Your Jacuzzi authorized dealer will walk you through the process and connect you with an expert to install your hot tub. See what to expect in the video below.

Are you in the market for a hot tub? Whether you're upgrading what you have or embarking on this purchase for the first time, you certainly want to avoid making a host of mistakes that are all too common for those investing in this backyard water feature. This is a pricey purchase, and one that will hopefully merit much use once it's installed and ready. With that being said, you want to carefully consider the wealth of options out there and find the hot tub that best aligns with your yard, needs, and budget.

If you're in pursuit of a hot tub, it's likely for good reason. After all, there are many benefits associated with owning and using a hot tub regularly. These include stress relief, muscle relaxation, better quality sleep, better cardiovascular health, and even an uptick in burning calories, according to Healthline. To ensure that you maximize these benefits, find the hot tub best suited to your needs by following this handy guide.

A very common mistake for individuals buying a hot tub is to not have a solid understanding of jet count before pulling the trigger on purchasing. When it comes to jet count, the common misconception is that more is better. But, that's not always the case. Think of it this way: like so many other things in life, quantity is not synonymous with quality. Jacuzzi explains that rather than number of jets, it's more about the placement of them that really creates a supreme spa experience.

Before you buy, you want to ensure you have the perfect spot ready for your new tub. Chances are, you're so excited about the prospect of having a hot tub in your yard that you haven't really decided where it will actually go. But, this is a very important step in the process, and it should be considered before you actually make your purchase.

A hot tub is a pretty major purchase, and you will want to ensure that your hot tub is going to last you a long time. That's why you need to be concerned with efficiency before making your final decision, as it can have a large impact on your utility bills. This is something that a lot of hot tub shoppers don't think about right off the bat.

Sometimes people fail to recognize that the cost of a hot tub isn't all upfront. It also costs a good amount to regularly maintain your hot tub and ensure that the water is properly cleaned and balanced. Mainley Tubs advises that even just the basic level of hot tub water care, which includes using bottled chemicals, costs at least $20 monthly. Of course, this depends on what water filtration system your hot tub uses, as well as other factors.

Don't fall victim to this common hot tub purchasing mistake: Assuming the cover is included. While many hot tubs don't come with this element, it's extremely important to have one in order to protect this water feature as well as for the health and safety of your family. A hot tub cover keeps your family members, including children and pets, safe from slipping and falling into the hot tub. This could prevent accidents and drowning, according to The Cover Guy.

The electrical needs to power a hot tub differ from one model to the next, which is an important thing to note. You may actually be surprised to learn that a hot tub has a wealth of electrical needs, so you'll definitely want to have a solid understanding of them before you make your final purchase.

You want to be covered in case of any issues with your hot tub. For that reason, make sure you have a clear picture of the warranty before purchasing. Since this is a large monetary investment, it's worthwhile to look into this part of your purchase.

Have you ever seen a super tricked-out hot tub with all the bells and whistles? Well, many hot tubs don't come equipped with lights, speakers, and all of those awesome features. There are so many upgrades you can add to your hot tub at the time of purchase. You'll want to understand what models have what upgrades available and what it'll cost you.

Understanding how many people will be using your hot tub and digging into the capacity prior to making your purchase is a must. After all, being able to accommodate all of your loved ones is a priority! Modernize Home Services notes that hot tubs typically fall between 5 to 9 feet in width and are usually between 29 and 39 inches in height.

Don't get hosed on your hot tub purchase! Knowing the average prices by size and type is very useful going into the process. has some useful advice as to what you can expect price wise for your new water feature. They note that on the lower end, hot tubs cost between $3,000 to $5,000 according to Home Advisor. Mid-range hot tubs come in around $5,000 to $12,000, and the top-of-the-line models that have all the bells and whistles can run you up to an astounding $20,000 or more. Obviously, from the lower end to the higher end is quite a range.

Most people don't think about this feature on hot tubs prior to purchasing, but it's definitely something to consider. These are not cabinets in the traditional sense where you can store things inside of them, but they are meant to house the inner hardware of your hot tub in an aesthetically pleasing way. According to Jacuzzi, these cabinets have come a long way over the years. They used to be made of wood, but have since been upgraded. Now, they're made of synthetic materials that are of high quality, ensuring they won't rot or degrade over time, especially since they'll be repeatedly exposed to outdoor elements and water. 041b061a72


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