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Yellow Leads Extractor 6.8.0 Patch

Yellow Leads Extractor 6.8.0 Patch: A Free and Powerful Tool for Lead Generation

Are you looking for a way to automate your lead generation process and get more prospects for your business? If so, you might want to try Yellow Leads Extractor 6.8.0 Patch, a free software that allows you to scrape business contacts from yellow directories with just one click.


Yellow Leads Extractor is a software developed by Yellow Pages Lead, a company that specializes in providing solutions for web scraping and data extraction. The software can extract company name, address, phone number, email, website, and other relevant information from various yellow directories around the world, such as USA, Canada, Mexico, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and more.

The software is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. You can choose from a built-in list of cities and streets or enter your own keywords to search for your target audience. You can also customize the extraction settings and filters to get the most relevant results. The software has a built-in proxy system that prevents you from being blacklisted by the websites you are scraping from. You can pause, resume, or stop the search at any time and export the results in various formats such as CSV, Excel, or TXT.

Yellow Leads Extractor 6.8.0 Patch is a free update that improves the performance and stability of the software. It also adds new features such as:

  • The ability to scrape contacts from professional pages of yellow directories

  • The compatibility with the most popular CRM and call automation software

  • The option to import or export your previous results

With Yellow Leads Extractor 6.8.0 Patch, you can boost your lead generation process and increase your productivity. You can get up to 35% more contacts compared to similar tools. You can also save time and money by avoiding manual data entry and hiring freelancers. You can focus on cold calling and closing deals with your potential customers.

If you want to try Yellow Leads Extractor 6.8.0 Patch for yourself, you can download it from [here]. You can also watch a video tutorial on how to use the software [here]. You will be amazed by how fast and easy it is to generate leads with this tool.

Yellow Leads Extractor 6.8.0 Patch is a free and powerful tool for lead generation that you should not miss. Download it today and see the difference for yourself.


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