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Straus7 2.4

Straus7 2.4: A Powerful Tool for Structural Analysis

Straus7 is a finite element analysis software that can handle a wide range of structural engineering applications, from civil structures to mechanical, aerospace, mining, marine, transportation and biomechanical engineering. Straus7 2.4 is the latest version of this software, which offers unparalleled functionality and performance in a single application.

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In this article, we will introduce some of the main features and benefits of Straus7 2.4, and show you some examples of how it has been used for various structural analysis projects.

Features and Benefits of Straus7 2.4

Straus7 2.4 has a fully-integrated visual environment that allows you to construct models, run analyses and investigate results simultaneously using a seamless interface. You can easily create complex geometries, assign materials and properties, apply loads and boundary conditions, and choose from a variety of solvers and analysis types. You can also visualize and manipulate the results using various tools and options, such as contour plots, vector plots, animations, graphs, tables and reports.

Some of the key features and benefits of Straus7 2.4 are:

  • Advanced modelling capabilities: Straus7 2.4 supports a wide range of element types, including beams, plates, shells, solids, cables, springs, dampers, joints, contacts and more. You can also use parametric modelling, mesh generation and refinement, substructuring and superposition techniques to create efficient and accurate models.

  • Powerful solvers: Straus7 2.4 has a suite of solvers that can handle linear and nonlinear static and dynamic analyses, modal analyses, buckling analyses, frequency response analyses, harmonic analyses, transient analyses, thermal analyses and more. You can also perform coupled analyses, such as thermo-mechanical or fluid-structure interaction analyses.

  • Clear and detailed results: Straus7 2.4 provides you with comprehensive results that can help you understand the behavior and performance of your structures. You can access various output quantities, such as displacements, stresses, strains, forces, moments, reactions, energies and more. You can also perform post-processing operations, such as result extraction, averaging, integration and transformation.

  • Easy and professional reports: Straus7 2.4 allows you to generate reports that can present your models and results in a clear and concise manner. You can customize the layout, content and format of your reports using templates or your own preferences. You can also export your reports to various formats, such as PDF, HTML or Word.

Examples of Straus7 2.4 Applications

Straus7 2.4 has been used for a wide range of structural analysis applications in different engineering fields. Here are some examples of how Straus7 2.4 has helped engineers to design and optimize their structures:

  • Cable-Stayed Arch Bridge: Straus7 2.4 was used to perform a lateral buckling analysis of a cable-stayed arch bridge designed by Santiago Calatrava in Reggio Emilia. The bridge consists of two cable-stayed stainless steel arches lying on inclined planes that support a steel deck with concrete infill. The analysis showed that the bridge was stable under the design loads and temperature variations.

  • Roller Compacted Concrete Dam: Straus7 2.4 was used to perform a dynamic analysis of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), which is the largest plant in Africa. The dam consists of 10.2 million cubic meters of roller compacted concrete (RCC) that forms a gravity structure with a height of 175 meters. The analysis used the DCR time-history procedure to determine the behavior of the RCC under seismic loads.

  • Stainless Steel Footbridge: Straus7 2.4 was used to perform a structural analysis of the Celtic Gateway Footbridge in Holyhead. The footbridge is a cable-stayed structure that connects the port to the town center. The footbridge has two stainless steel arches that are asymmetrically connected to the center of the deck. The analysis verified the strength and stability of the footbridge under various load cases.


Straus7 2.4 is a powerful tool for structural analysis that can handle a wide range of applications in different engineering fields. Straus7 2.4 offers advanced modelling capabilities, powerful solvers, clear and detailed results, and easy and professional reports. Straus7 2.4 has been used for various structural analysis projects, such as cable-stayed arch bridges, roller compacted concrete dams, and stainless steel footbridges. Straus7 2.4 can help you design and optimize your structures with confidence and efficiency.

If you are interested in learning more about Straus7 2.4, you can request a free demo from EnginSoft, or download it from CivilNode. You can also contact us for any technical questions or support.


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