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Fury is a boon that adds 25% to critical chance in PvE and 20% in WvW and PvP. Additional applications of fury will stack to increase the duration of the boon, but have no effect on the strength of the bonus. The maximum possible duration of fury is restricted to 30 seconds.



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late 14c., "impetuous, unrestrained," from Old French furios, furieus "furious, enraged, livid" (14c., Modern French furieux), from Latin furiosus "full of rage, mad," from furia "rage, passion, fury" (see fury). Furioso, from the Italian form of the word, was used in English 17c.-18c. for "an enraged person," probably from Ariosto's "Orlando Furioso."

1660s, from Italian infuriato, from Medieval Latin infuriatus, past participle of infuriare "to madden, enrage," from Latin in furia "in a fury," from ablative of furia (see fury). Also from 1660s as an adjective in English, but this use is rare. Related: Infuriated; infuriating. 041b061a72


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