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Qsb 4.5 Liter Serial Number

Other misconceptions between the 4BT 3.9 L and 4.5 L are that the engine blocks and cylinder heads are the same which is untrue. The 4.5 L engines come in many different varieties all with different block sizes and part number supersessions throughout the years.

Qsb 4.5 Liter Serial Number

In cases where the ESN cannot be obtained, we have the ability to manufacturer QSB engines back to a few common engine serial numbers. Ultimately, it is up to you the customer to determine fit of an engine into your application.

For over 100 years, Cummins engines have been powering machines around the world. Built on a reputation for durability and reliability, Cummins has a global reach that stretches over more than 190 countries and territories. Additionally, they produce engines of various sizes and power outputs for use in various industries and applications. This makes knowing your engine number an additional factor when it comes to ordering Cummins engine parts.

A key factor will be determining the correct parts you need for repair and replacement. In order to do so, you will need to know your Cummins engine serial number. The experts at Diesel Pro Power are here to help. Read our guide for the Cummins engine serial number breakdown or get in touch with a knowledgeable member of our team for further assistance.

The good news is you can identify your Cummins engine serial number location and other vital information such as RPM rating, horsepower and a Critical Parts List (Cummins CPL lookup) by checking the data plate. However, finding the Cummins engine data plate can be difficult because they are frequently located in different positions depending on the model and year.

The location of your ESN is dependent on your Cummins engine number. The following is our list of the common Cummins serial number locations for most makes and models to save time and ensure that you have the correct information when ordering parts.


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